track 09 - lazarus


I have always been deeply struck by one section in the story of Lazarus - the part where Jesus weeps. What struck me specifically to write this song was that He only weeps when Mary comes to Him. He’s already had a discussion with Martha about Lazarus dying, but when Mary comes His response is different. The fact that God interacts with our various personalities has always been a huge comfort to me. Mary was grieving in a different way to Martha and her grief was so powerful it moved Jesus too. Even though He knew He had the power to make Lazarus live again, He grieved . It puts a slightly different slant on what grief actually is doesn’t it?


I was worried about recording it because I am not very good at guitar and always get a bit jumpy when a song needs only guitar for a recording. It turns out that this strange electronica/orchestral piece evolved and it captured the song perfectly in a new, and I think slightly more powerful way. I created the main drum beat and then built up around that with preset drums.

The backing vocals I always imagined being there from the moment I wrote it - they’re supposed to evoke a sense of all the people in the village mourning Lazarus as well as his two sisters.